Sunday, October 10, 2010

My youth pastor is an idiot

On of the things I try to teach my kids is to critically question what everyone says no matter what position they hold or their connection to God. I found this example of unquestioning stupidity while surfing. A youth pastor thinks the gulf oil spill is a good thing.

My youth pastor says that many of the rocks will be contaminerated [sic] and slippery. But he said this is just what the USA needed because it will provide many good paying jobs. He also said that as we have dominumen [sic] over the earth and all its creatures, that this oil spill is likely to help us more easily catch the fish and the shrimp because they will simply float to the surface and save us time, money, and effort. I thought this thing was really bad, but NOW i am thinking otherwise.

Use your mind – never accept what a person says because they are a pastor, priest, parent or even a teacher. Look at the evidence.

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