Friday, October 29, 2010

Music Director Norman Keesee arrested

NormanKeesee When I read stories like this where young girls are molested by big fat lecherous Christian men, I get angry. I see a picture of a man who allegedly felt up a young defenseless girl for months. He was only caught out because of a mom’s suspicions. Of course, by now I know to wait before piling on the sarcasm. I need more information before I can build up the bile needed for a good rant. For now it is enough to know that Christian Music Director Norman Keesee was arrested.

According to an incident report from the Greenwood Police Department, a 13-year-old student of Norman Keesee said that he inappropriately touched her breast several times while he was giving her music lessons.

The report said that Keesee would sit beside the girl and reach under her shirt to touch her, and that when the girl would pull away, Keesee would not stop.

Emerald Baptist Church put Keesee on paid administrative leave until the investigation  is complete. Until then, he is not allowed on church property. Pastor Curtis Eidson has this to say on his website.

Wait a little while!

With all the news coverage of the events taking place around our church I wanted to take just a moment and address the situation over our web-site. Our church has agreed to stand by all parties involved in this terrible situation. No one within the church is qualified to pass judgment on guilt or innocence. That should be left to Someone in much higher authority. If due process of the law is carried out we will reach the end of this matter that is causing great concern around the church. Please pray for Emerald as we continue to seek the Lord's guidance, His grace, and His goodness to carry us to the next level….

….Feel free to drop me an email at: I would love to hear from you.

I plan to write Pastor Curtis Eidson a note to congratulate him for addressing the situation on his website and for treating all parties fairly. This is something I do not normally see in these cases. In fact, I would call it rare. But I want to know something else too. Did Keesee go through a background check?