Saturday, October 02, 2010

Jehovah Jehovah Jehovah

I ran into a beautiful young Jehovah's Witness this morning at breakfast. She was fresh faced, enthusiastic and pestering the hell out of the older couple at the next table. I was afraid she would try talking to me so I turned away and engaged my wife in a deep meaningful conversation. I could overhear their conversation. The old couple had accepted a Watchtower magazine from the young zealot on some previous encounter. She was doing the programmed follow-up pitch, but it did not work. The couple ware born again Christians (and proud of it). It quickly became a loud duel of faiths. The Christians gave as good as they got. I called it a draw.

The funny part came later. When the young zealot’s family group left the restaurant they handed a Watchtower magazine to a man who was entering. He smiled and nodded a greeting, and then walked straight to the trashcan and pitched the flimsy magazine right in. He did not even look back. That’s the way to handle a Jehovah’s Witness contact; no conversation, polite nods, and then a quick pitch of all documents into the nearest trash can.