Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Death threats and Christian love

H.Walker I get them, other bloggers I know get them, and apparently pastors who speak out against Bishop Eddie Long get them. Death threats thrive in a place were two camps see one issue differently. I expect them when I write about Islam or some nutball pastor. I don’t expect them when it’s two pastors going at each other. Prophet H. Walker (no ego here) claims that he received death threats after announcing a rally against Bishop Long.

Walker told Fox Carolina he is planning a rally in Atlanta this Sunday at the Georgia State Capitol at 2 p.m. He said he has received threatening e-mails,even some with pornographic images that had his picture on them, but the threats aren't going to stop his rally.

There is a saying that applies here. It’s sage advice from the internet generation. Pics or it did not happen. I don’t believe either of these holy men. Let’s see the proof Prophet H. Walker. Without it, you claims have not more basis in fact than Long’s denials.

And what is up with the reporter? Did he or she just take the word of Prophet H. Walker? How does that work? Did you believe him because he is a prophet?