Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bishop Lahey awaits trial

The former Roman Catholic Bishop Emeritus of the Dioceses of Antigonish in Nova Scotia had a court date in Ottowa to discuss his pending trial for the possession of Child Pornography. Raymond Lahey did not appear in the proceedings. He was represented by his lawyer, Michael Edelson.

Earlier this month, Edelson cancelled five days in November that had been set aside for Lahey to argue that authorities had violated his Charter rights. Lahey was charged with possession and importation of child pornography last September after his laptop computer was searched and seized when the Roman Catholic priest got off a flight from Britain.

According to court documents, Lahey was flagged by customs authorities when he landed because his passport revealed extensive travel to countries notorious as sources of the illicit material.

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I wonder if Canadian customs agents profiled Lahey based on his profession and his extensive travel to countries notorious as sources of illicit material?