Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why follow a man because of what he says?

DavidCunningham I’m constantly amazed at how many of my fellow Americans attend a church lead by a man who is unethical, dishonest, or who does not keep his own house in order. Pastor David Arnold Cunningham is a prefect example of a preaching hypocrite and thug pastor. He’s that pastor of First Baptist Church in Colonial Beach where he’s held the job for 17 years. Yet, he cannot keep his own house in order, nor can he abide by simple public safety laws. He’s doing 30 days for driving without a license, and its not his first time in jail for traffic offenses. He’s a habitual traffic offender with no regard for the law. 

U.S. marshals put him there Sept. 10 to serve a 30-day sentence for violating the probation a federal judge gave Cunningham in January for driving without a license in the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Battlefield Park.

Cunningham's conviction in January was his third such conviction in 10 years. His license also was suspended in 2001 and again in 2009 in Spotsylvania County.

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I love this quote by his lawyer, "He's been so busy taking care of the problems of others that he hasn't take care of his own problems." – Bullshit. We all have problems, we all have a busy life. We all manage our behavior to conform with societal norms. It is conducted expected.

And he’s not just “busy”, he don’t care.

"Mr. Cunningham has received several traffic citations and has failed to report them to his probation officer. Furthermore, the defendant continues to operate a motor vehicle even though his license is suspended. Mr. Cunningham has not made any payments toward his fine or special assessment," Orsino reported to the court.

And he thinks we are dumb. When caught lying, he reverted to form.

"The defendant replied that his brother did not know where his residence was located, and so he indicated he would meet him at the shopping center."

What does anyone go to this man’s church? Why not follow a man because of what he does?

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