Monday, September 06, 2010

The Tea Party makes me nervous

MatthewShepard Matthew Shepard was murdered in Wyoming in 1998. Shepard died because he was a homosexual. After torturing him, his murders tied him to a fence and left him for died. It was a horrible crime.
What does Shepard’s murder have to do with the Tea Party? He was the punch line to a horribly cruel and hateful joke delivered by the former President of the Big sky Tea Party Association. I say former because Tim Ravndal was fired after news of his Facebook comments hit the press.
His comments:
Dennis Scranton: "I think fruits are decorative. Hang up where they can be seen and appreciated. Call Wyoming for display instructions."
Tim Ravndal: "@Kieth, OOPS I forgot this aint(sic) America no more! @ Dennis, Where can I get that Wyoming printed instruction manual?"
Hanging decorative fruit, oh wait, I get it. That’s sick, but that is the Tea Party folks.
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