Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Taoist fraud Li Yi

If it looks like a cult and acts like a cult, it probably is a cult. The follows of Taoist Li Yi fit the description of cult followers, and now they get to deal with allegations that their miracle working priest is a fraud.

Mr Li is accused of faking “miracles” such as pretending to be submerged under water for two hours, and using his heels to breathe. He was later found to be inside a glass container, with a less than mystical air supply.

Seriously? He does magic tricks and people think they are miracles? I’ve got a miracle for you Li Yi, change poop into gold. Go ahead, let’s see you lay your hands on a pile of stinky poop and turn it into an equal portion of gold. No? I did not think so.

Are 30,000 people just dumb? I don’t get this.

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