Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Sarah Palin as a TF2 medic

tf2-female-medic-2-web I know I’ve been playing too much TF2 or that I’m seeing to much of Sarah Palin when I start to see her appear in fan art. My TF2 teammate sent me a link to an artists rendering of the medic as a woman. I did not see a medic, I saw Sara Palin. And now that I’ve seen her, I can’t see anything else. It’s ruined.

I hear people talking about Palin running for President in the next election cycle. They talk about it as if it could happen. I’m terrified of this possible reality. The only thing that gives me any hope is my Tea Party/evangelical relative who recently told me that he is horrified by the prospect of Sarah Palin as a president. He shared that this position was common among his Tea Party crowd. I asked why, he said the obvious, that she is not very smart. Amen!

Watch this video if you want to learn about TF2. Or this video for a music video about medics. I play Demoman.

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