Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Registered sex offender now pastor

Perez Blackmon is the new pastor at Rosinvick Missionary Baptist Church. The congregation voted him in.

The Early County Sheriff’s Office website lists Perez Blackmon as a registered sex offender. The website adds that he was convicted Feb. 17, 2005 in Early County for statutory rape.

Blackmon was sentenced to 15 years probation, according to the website.

A convicted rapist who is on probation. He was convicted of raping and molesting a child. He never admitted guilt. The terms of his probation prohibit him from being around children, yet he is the pastor of a church. It has children.

He’s stepped in it though, and I figure Pastor Blakmon’s days as a pastor are over. It looks like he is in violation of his parole, and you know what that means, Pastor Blakmon could end up in prison.

At the risk of going on a long rant, I must ask, what the hell are these people thinking? Why would you put a pedophile up as a pastor and who would follow him?

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