Saturday, September 18, 2010

Photo a day – Human Hamsters


Since my dad died my wife and have I starting taking my mom out for dinner once a week. It’s a new experience for us. We are not real social by nature nor are we conversational. Before we started this weekly ritual, we simply enjoyed each other’s company and spoke of small things. Now we have real conversations over a bottle of wine and enjoy the pleasure of a good meal too. It also gives me the opportunity to take more photos. So it’s win/win.

It’s funny in a way, I used the terms “Brackish” and “Pelagic” in the same sentence.  I discussed the origin of paella and the culinary merits of mussels. And I discussed the use of Yelp in finding good restaurants while contrasting French, Spanish, and American cuisine. It was very much like blogging but with real people.

I shot this human hamster in what is billed as a “Euroball” at the Block of Orange. For $10 dollars you can humiliate yourself in front of camera toting shoppers. I had an instinctual reaction – there is fucking way am I getting in one of those things.

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