Thursday, September 09, 2010

Pastor Steven Rowe arrested

Pastor Steven Rowe is the headmaster at Faith Christian Academy and the pastor at First community Church in Douglas. He was arrested and charged with child molestation.

Sheriff's investigators say 50-year-old Steven Rowe admitted he abused at least four victims while he led Faith Christian Academy and First Community Church in Douglas.

Car after car filed into the school's parking lot Tuesday night. Parents were called in to meet with school and church leaders about the child molestation charges filed against a man they trusted with their children.

I’m sure the authorities were worried about an ugly mob. Rowe is alleged to have molested 4 children. It’s a huge violation of trust.

I love this quote pastor Ben Warren:

"I'm standing here tonight in a state of shock. I would have never figured this. And if you ask around the community here you'll find that no one ever really thought this," said Warren.

Pastor Warren really should read my blog. I’m available for public speaking engagements and I have a great PowerPoint presentation on how to protect against clergy sexual abuse.