Friday, September 10, 2010

Pastor Leonel Pelayo arrested

A pastor from Carson (the city where I work) was arrested for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. Pastor Leonel Pelayo’s church is on 99th street and Vermont Ave, which is an area known as South Central LA, but is better known as a no man’s land. The freeways take drivers around this area under the mistaken assumption that there is nothing of value there. Since I was born and raised near there (at least my early years), I don’t quite understand the distinction. I know it’s not as safe as some of the more affluent middleclass neighborhoods that surround it, but it not a war zone either. There are churches aplenty though. They tend to be the storefront variety. 

Pelayo’s alleged victim is 14 years old.

Police say in a news release that Pelayo, the pastor at a church in South Los Angeles, befriended the teenager in a church youth group and took her to several vacant properties to have sex with her.

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Let’s see, the possibilities are The Do Right Christian Church, the Iglesia Monte Horeb, or the first Baptist Church of South Los Angeles. I’m betting on the Iglesia Monte Horeb.