Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nutball Christians Singing in Tongues

I would like to think that I had the will to stand up and walk out of a service where the worship leaders digressed into this nonsense (I don’t remember ever walking out). I remember sitting through a guy singing in tongues. He sang to me, it was scary in a homoerotic way and felt completely wrong at the time. He put his hands on my shoulders and face in my face. He sang too me in baby talk. It gave me the willies. Then there was the endless sessions of people who spoke in tongues and then those were gifted to translate .Nutballs all. Each and everyone one was friggen crazy. It was all an act. I know. I was socialized into the whole mess.

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DiBattista said...

1:50 Get on the train with Jesus. Of course he is all powerful! He even has his own mass transit system.