Thursday, September 16, 2010

Man arrested for practicing witchcraft.

I have so many problems with this story that it makes make my head hurt. Yogendra Pathak was arrested for promising to conjure up spirits to help solve marital and personal problems. He’s been charged with fraud. Presumably because the service he offered did not deliver on its promise. The police said:

"We really don't care if you want to practise witchcraft, as long as you don't allegedly defraud people," Peel Sgt. Zahir Shah said.

So it would be ok if Pathak were successful? Was he arrested because the result did not meet expectations? How is this different from a pastor who promises heaven in return for your membership tithe? We have no proof of heaven, it’s all just a scam to keep pastors employed anyway.

It really a crime to take money from an idiot? If somebody comes to me for the secret atheist cure to poverty and I tell them to get a job that pays more money, is it my fault that they remain poor? .Have committed a crime too? (BTW – that’s not the secret. Send $100 to my PayPal account and I will send the secret directly to you). These people are idiots. Who goes to a witch for a cure to your husband cheating on you? Good grief. Why is this a crime?

The police also said this:

He also urged people who sought advice from the suspect to contact investigators.

Since when is it wrong to offer bad advice? We get bad advice every day. Advice is advice, it’s meant to be acted on only if you have enough gray matter to make good choices.

What about fortune tellers and card readers? That’s all crap too. How is this different? Is it because he’s a witch? Is this a Wiccan issue?

Canada, what the hell?

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