Thursday, September 16, 2010

Introducing The Atheist Rabbi

Please join me in welcoming one of the newest member of the Atheist Blogroll, The Atheist Rabbi.

I am a rabbi, but I am a different kind of rabbi of which there are still only a few in the world.  Secular Humanistic Judaism, the movement to which I belong, is a non-theistic, cultural alternative to religious forms of Judaism.  We relate to our Jewish-ness as cultural identity.  We embrace the scientific method as the only true path to knowledge.  Some of us are atheists and some agnostics, but we are all "ignostic," meaning that theology and god ideas are irrelevant.  We human beings have only ourselves to rely on.

I am personally an atheist, but I am still a rabbi in the sense that I am an expert in Jewish culture and history.  I am also a celebrant of non-theistic ceremonies.  Secular humanistic Jews believe strongly in the power of community, ritual and ceremony, but we de-couple it from any beliefs in the supernatural.  We celebrate holidays and life cycle events with no reference to God.  We do not revere or acknowledge the authority of the texts we have inherited, but we obviously recognize their role in shaping Jewish history. 

We also are very welcoming of all people, Jews by birth, choice and anyone with any interest in our culture.  We welcome intermarried people as they bring strength to our vision of one united humanity.  We hold out our way of being Jewish as a model for all secular humanists who wish to celebrate life without worship or other meaningless rituals.

My blog is about humanism, non-theism of all kinds, Judaism and science.

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