Thursday, September 23, 2010

The I-75 Project

OnThisSiteThis is a great idea. It’s funny, subversive, and spot-on. I want to start one here on the west coast on the I-5 corridor. I give you The I-75 Project

The I-75 Project would place historical markers with social and political content in each of these rest stops. My goal is not to incite, but to inspire thought amongst those who travel on this route.

Artist Norm Magnusson says:

For the past few years, I've been creating what I call "art of social conscience:" tv spots, viral emails, paintings and posters, but none of it has engaged viewers as much as this series of "historical" markers, each one a small story containing a discrete point of view.

The types of people who stop to read them are collectively defined more by their curiosity about the world around them than they are by any shared ideological leanings, which makes them a perfect audience for a carefully crafted message.   And unlike most artworks on social or political themes, these markers don’t merely  speak to the small group of viewers that seek out such work in galleries and museums; instead, they gently insert themselves into the public realm.

Art, you’ve got to love it.

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1 comment:

kate said...

Oh my god, I LOVE this! It's everything art should be.

I found your blog via No Longer Quivering, after hearing the interview with her on The Story.

So now I'm off to read through your archives and bask in rational thought. ;)