Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Glenn Beck is no Christian

…at least that is what the Southern Baptists say. And they should know because the are holier that all other churches, except maybe the Pentecostals. I guess this means Beck is something other than a Christian.

Glenn Beck is a talented huckster, a shrewd survivor who may be in the middle of another self-reinvention. This time, he seems bent on remaking himself as one of the oldest of the stock all-American characters: the Elmer Gantry-like preacher-performer.

Last weekend, Beck held a rally on the National Mall, “Restoring Honor,” calling the nation back to what he sees as its traditional Christian roots. Beck gets a lot of things wrong, including history. Moreover, he’s an odd spokesman for conservative Christianity, since he’s Mormon.

Oh right, Glenn Beck is a Mormon. That means he’s not a Christian since he does not worship Jesus. Wait, don’t the Mormons claim Jesus came to the America’s to preach his message to the natives? Doesn't that make Mormons Christians too? Religion is so confusing, what with Islam claiming to be the only true faith, and then the Catholics, and now the Mormons. What’s a good Baptists to do besides hate on everybody?

At least he’s not an Atheist.