Friday, September 10, 2010

Girl on girl kissing is evil, or not

A friend sent me a link to this insane Christian video. Cindy Jacobs wants to eliminate lesbianism in our time because she thinks its evil. I call her nutball bullshit a Christian fantasy. It’s a make believe world where they think praying about your sexuality will turn you from gay to straight. They refuse to acknowledge that some people are attracted to the same sex, and some people are not. In the reality of our world, this is a fact. No amount of praying can do a thing about it.

It’s obvious that Cindy Jacobs is responding the the popular Katy Perry hit, I kissed a girl. I wonder how Jacobs would react to something a little more in your face. Like this classic Team Gina song. I bet she would faint.

Of course, my take on all this is pragmatic. I know the words of Audio Slave’s Be Yourself, are reality, “ To be yourself is all that you can do,” Prayer may help you stop from engaging in gay sex, but you’ll still be gay.

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