Thursday, September 02, 2010

Deporting for a pastor

I’m a compassionate guy, or at least I try hard to be. The case of Baptist pastor Hector Villanueva pulls at my heartstrings. He’s lived in the US since he was 3, yet never became a citizen. He’s facing deportation back to Mexico because of a crime he committed 15-years ago. Christians are asking for that he be allowed to stay because he’s a Christian pastor who has changed his ways.

His children are American citizens. If he’s deported he will be separated from his family. I don’t want to see that happen. Yet there is a principle at stake here too. Villanueva is a convicted criminal. Other men facing similar circumstances are routinely deported. If I were in his shoes, as an Atheist I would have no change at staying. The truth is, one mistake can cost you your shot at citizenship. The fact that he came to Christ, became a pastor, and lead a good life are immaterial. It might be time for him to move his church to Mexico.

It’s a good think I’m not an immigration judge.

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