Friday, September 24, 2010

Bishop Eddie long used the bible to justify sex

This allegation is common among for victims of clergy sexual abuse. Abusers use the bible as a means of justify all manner of sexual activity. Bishop Eddie long is alleged to have used this tactic.

Robinson is clear in his complaint that Bishop Eddie Long wasn’t just a middle aged man taking cellphone pictures of himself and allegedly pursuing young men in his lyra bike shorts, at the same time. Rather Robinson claims Eddie Long engaged in fraud, using the “Scriptures” “of the Lord” and his authority as Bishop to deceive Robinson, causing Robinson to believe that the conduct was justified by the Bible.

I don’t think anyone is surprised here. I sure Bishop Eddie Long thought as anointed by God or some such nonsense. He would have used anything to justify special treatment (also a trait of abusers)


Anonymous said...

No surprise. As a matter of fact, one can presume - based on case after case - he used scripture to manipulate silence of his depravities against his victims.

Too bad for Eddie Long... if they were Catholic the parishioners would be handing over their own kids and grandkids to Eddie Long for decades.

Ex-NAACP chair & Martin Luther King's friend Julian Bond refused to attend Coretta's funeral at Bishop Long's church because he did not think she would want to be laid to rest in the church of a homophobe.

Long is also a mentor to Berniece King (who spoke at Glenn Becks 9/11 event in DC) whose homophobic stance is at odds with what her mother believed and with what her father's position would be on the issue.

Anonymous said...

Long also abused scripture to incite murders and suicides in 90-minute screaming sermon(s) ...yelling into the microphone "kill THEM, KILL THE GAYS" and to the women in the parish "women you know what to do, KILL THEM"

He and his bible thumping ilk got some suicide and murder notches on their designer belts in triple digits annually.

- just days ago a pew sitting father murdered his 4-year old son for "acting gay".

Daddy dearest goose-stepped to "kill them" preachin' orders resulting in a 4-year old's beating death.