Sunday, September 05, 2010

Atheist Blogroll Update – The full list

I finally cracked the code. I was able to extract 1270 blogs from our master list of 1279. I’m 10 short but I will find them soon.

The list is located on the Atheist Blogroll resource blog posted as The Full List. Here are 25 to get you started.
  1. (((Billy))) The Atheist
  2. (A)typical Atheist
  3. 1 2 3 Religious Comics
  4. 100 Treatises
  5. 13point7
  6. 360 Degree Skeptic
  7. 40 Year Old Atheist
  8. A bordo del "Otto Neurath"
  9. A Class Traitor
  10. A Death In The Ballroom
  11. A Division by Zer0
  12. A Drunken Madman
  13. A few random thoughts
  14. A Heathen Reads the Bible
  15. A Human Mind
  16. A is for Atheist
  17. A Light in the Attic
  18. A Man Said To The Universe
  19. A Midwife In Training
  20. a Nadder!
  21. A Poet's Manifesto
  22. A Positive view of Atheism
  23. A Protostomian View of the World
  24. A Rational Outlet
  25. A Skeptic's Guide to History
I’ve still must clean the list. If you find a bad link or a blog that is out of business, let me know.
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