Monday, August 16, 2010

Turning the other cheek

I was insulted recently. Not once mind you, but several times over the course of a celebratory meal. I find it hard to turn the other cheek when this happens. It’s something that I've always had trouble doing. Decorum demanded that I ignore the insult, that and the fact that there where children present and my wife sat next to me. I let insults pass. My wife noticed.

The next day I got an apology. I let that go too. I did not acknowledge the insult, and dismissed the need for an apology. For me, it is much better to let the issue fade away. Still, I am bothered by what happened. The insults came from an evangelical Christian. Somebody who wraps them self in religion when it suits them, and lets religion slide away when it does not. In other words, my definition of a hypocrite.

I stick to my duty for the good of my family, despite knowing that I will be insulted again. I could push back, but by now I’ve learned that the ill feeling engendered by the quarrels are not worth the small victory I achieve by defending myself. It’s better for the man to look like a jerk and for me to look unaffected. Being good is hard. Turning the other cheek is harder.

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