Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rev. Randolph Gurley arrested again

Randolph Gurley Rev. Randolph Gurley, the current mayor pro tem of the beautiful city of Dillon, was arrested for attempted murder. He’s accused of trying to run down a pedestrian with his Cadillac Escalade. Did I mention he’s accused of  trying to sell weed too?

The victim claims he bested Gurley in an argument, and that triggered the attack. Not that I’m skeptical or anything but…

“The only thing I said was, he’s a city councilman and a parish reverend, he should be cleaning up ... not dirtying the scene up,” Leonard said.

Leonard said he felt he “bested” Gurley in the conversation and Gurley became increasingly hostile toward him.

Um, right. Something sounds fishy here.

Gurley was arrested for domestic violence in June.

Maggie Gurley told police June 29 her husband put a hawk-bladed knife to her throat and threatened to burn down their home with her inside.

They later changed their story to say they were having a heated discussion about the bible. What happened to the knife again?

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