Friday, August 20, 2010

Prison food and Terry Nichols

TerryNichols I like the keep track of the crazies in the world. Terry Nichols is at the top of the list. I feel better knowing he sits in a prison cell doing nothing. Well, that is not exactly right, he’s filing frivolous lawsuits.

A federal judge has dismissed claims by Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols that prison officials violated his constitutional rights by depriving him of a diet he requested for health and religious reasons.

U.S. District Judge Christine Arguello said in a ruling issued Monday that Nichols didn't support his claims that a diet insufficient in whole grains, fiber and raw fruits and vegetables amounts to cruel and unusual punishment and violates his right to free exercise of religion.

Prison food should be just good enough to meet a prisoner’s basic needs. I am upset the Nichols is not getting the diet he desires? Not one bit. And where does he get off claiming it violates his religion? He he a fruitarian? No, he’s a dangerous nutball.

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