Thursday, August 26, 2010

Preying on the sheeple

Two young men figured dating youth group girls was an easy way to get laid. Now they sit in jail on charges of statutory rape and child molestation. They are 19, their victims were 14.

teensDetectives said the men met their 14-year-old victims through a youth group at His Hands Church.

Police said the alleged rapes occurred Aug. 6 at the Skyridge Apartment complex off of Highway 92 in Woodstock. Investigators said both assaults happened at the same location, on the same evening.

What kind of a youth program lets adult males mingle with adolescent girls? I can’t wait to hear the explanation from “His Hands Church”. I think I’ll follow Hemant’s example and send them an email asking for an explanation.

Jonathan Marshall Carrier and Yancey Obrain Tanner may have raped more girls. I wonder if they used the same MO?


The church responded to my email inquiry.

The girls met the teens (19 year old boys) at our youth group.  One boy had only been to the group once, had lied about his age and had not been allowed to come back. The other had misrepresented being a high school student and he too was banned from the youth group. Both boys were banned from the youth group before the incident occurred. 

The incident itself did not happen at the church or at a church sponsored event.  It happened at a private party at one of the boy's apartments.  The boys are charged with statutory rape and a parent of one of the girls dropped them off at the apt. and picked them up the next day.

I thought there might be more to the story. It’s good to hear church took steps to protect its youth. In reading both the news story and the Churches response, I wonder why the news elected to portray this as a church/youth group issue at all?