Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pastors who don’t live their values

Two young girls were molested by their father. One girl tells her pastors in a plea for help. They fail to report the abuse, instead they advised she work on her relationship.

Authorities say 51-year-old Daniel McCluskey and 38-year-old Laura McCluskey are two of the family's pastors. Investigators say one of the girls told the McCluskeys about the alleged abuse in 2008, but the Church on the Word pastors told her to make amends with her father.


The pastors had a duty to report the alleged abuse. Now they face jail time for failing to live up to the law and for failing to live  up to their values. The cynical part of me asks, “How much money was the father kicking down to the church?”

This should not be hard. Do your job. Protect the weak.

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