Friday, August 13, 2010

No Longer Quivering is a good read

vyckie_nlq I can’t remember when I started reading No Longer Quivering, but I am a frequent lurking visitor these days. It’s fascinating.  Vyckie Garrison has a compelling story. One that I cannot stop reading.

I am a single mother of 7 wonderful kids. I am a former “Quiverfull” mother who dedicated my life to bearing and raising up “Arrows for God’s army.”

My pregnancies nearly killed me on several occasions, but I was so dedicated to the ideal that I continued to risk my life. I left the movement and my Christian faith, so that’s led to learning a whole new way of thinking and living. My kids and I are really having a blast and enjoying the freedom to be ourselves rather than ordering our lives according to some predefined roles based upon an ancient patriarchal society.

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An August 11 post describing how the misguided people in the pro-family movement think that birth-control pills are the moral equivalent of abortion caught my attention today.

“As the fertilized egg tries to implant, it’s not able to do so. And so then, an abortion occurs,” he explains. “The people who [were] behind the creation of the pill back in the 1950s, they knew this, but it was not their concern to preserve the life of a child.”

Now granted, No Longer Quivering is a Christian site and I don’t normally pimp out the opposition but the woman who runs the site is a loving and tireless worker fighting to free others from a cult. Silly me, not longer quivering is not a Christian site, in fact, I quote Vyckie above saying she left her faith. She clarified further in an email.

We are willing to meet readers where they're at so far as their Christian beliefs are concerned ~ but the site itself has a goal of exposing fundamentalism and freeing women from the hell of trying to live according to literalistic interpretations of the bible ~ that usually involves throwing out the BIG BABY (patriarchal god) with the bathwater ~ and I have heard from many readers that after spending time on No Longer Quivering and the forums, they no longer consider themselves Christians.

Trust me on this, it’s worth the read and worth our support.

Update: No Longer Quivering joins the Atheist Blogroll! Welcome to the team.

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