Friday, August 27, 2010

God told me to do it

I read about murders as part of my research into religion. I am interested in why religious people kill others. Most often its the same reasons we hear from the general community, with rage and jealously topping the list.. But sometimes these people claim God told them to kill. What bothers me is that the press reports it as normal activity instead of the action of an insane person.

TheresaRobbinsTheresa Robbins claims she “got signs from God” who told her to “distribute the world order information”. She’s obviously got a screw loose.

Theresa Gail Robbins, 48, was taken into custody without incident after pulling out a handgun and shooting Greg Brasch, of McKinney, once in the chest at Bizzy Bee pest control. Brasch was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead, according to Carrollton police.

She killed her best friend because God told her to what?

When asked why she shot him, Robbins replied, "I was expecting someone else to come in" and that God told her to shoot.

At a minimum I would expect to hear she was scheduled for a psychological evaluation. All we get is a sentence referring to depression. But this story was reported in Texas, where God talks to people all the time.

Of course, it could have been the Devil.

Think she's getting "signs from God" mixed up with "signs from the Devil".

It is the act of an insane person to claim that God or the Devil talk to them. Right? Why can’t we just say that?

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