Friday, August 20, 2010

Foxhole standoff – Girls must pole dance

When you enter a negotiation with what I call the “Iranian position”, there is no hope for a successful outcome. The Foxhole and their Christian stalkers, could not come to an agreement that suited both parties during recent negotiations. The strippers will keep stripping, the Christians will keep protesting. It’s all so pointless.

The ministry at the Foxhole North will continue, said Pastor Bill Dunfee of New Beginnings Ministries.

He and the adult club’s owner, Thomas George, met Wednesday night on neutral ground in Mount Vernon, but Dunfee said after about two hours of discussion were unable to reach any type of agreement.

Dunfee’s message was simple: Come to Jesus.

“My hopes were he’d be ready to receive the gospel and the Lord and do what’s right,” Dunfee said. “We firmly believe the Foxhole has got to go.”

The girls responded with, “Will Jesus pay my bills?”

My problem with this situation is simple. People have a right to earn a living stripping. What business is it of yours how they do it as long as its legal?  Moralizing is the most annoying habit of the Jesus set. A much better way of operating is through setting a good example and through your example, developing influence in the community.  But influencing people is hard. It’s much easer to grab a picket sign and try to take the food out of a girls mouth. Or the pie in this case.

I love the tag line – The Foxhole, Go for the pie, stay for the pole dancing.

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