Friday, August 13, 2010

Ebert on Hitchens

It’s been hard for me to read about Christopher Hitchens and his fight with cancer. My dad died from cancer recently. That nerve is still to raw. I can’t face stories of cancer without reliving my dad’s painful last few days. What is surprising to me is my strong emotional response. It is almost painful.

I read Roger Ebert’s blog in the Chicago Sun-Times this morning.  He writes about Christopher Hitchens’ cancer journey this morning. Ebert is another cancer survivor. His post explores both men's journeys. It’s a great read. It starts simply, and then builds into a compelling essay that I could not stop reading. Check it out: Traveler to the undiscovere’d country.

I watched Christopher Hitchens' CNN interview with Anderson Cooper with gathering sympathy. He had cancer. He was going to die. Apart from that, the treatment seemed about to kill him, and he was feeling very unwell. This man who often had a cigarette or a drink close at hand sat with the quiet of a man drained of energy, and reached out a hand to take a sip of water.

I respect Christopher Hitchens and I appreciate the way he is facing his own mortality. I respect Roger Ebert too. Both men are extraordinary talents.