Thursday, August 19, 2010

Catholic relics, complete with Pope’s seal

I am a skeptic when it comes to religion. When it comes to religious relics, I go into uber-skeptic mode. I’ve seen pieces of the authentic cross before. Church officials claim they are pieces of the cross Jesus was crucified on. I always ask, “How do you know?” The answer is always the same, “Because we say so.”

A thief stole a catholic relic in Boston reliantly. It’s been returned safe.

RelicCatholic can return to object worship. They will line up to see and or pray to the damn thing. It’s a piece of wood. It’s an old piece of wood, but still a piece of wood. I’ll never understand.

I first encountered a relic in the Cathedral at Chartres in France. They claim to have the cloak of the Virgin as a holy relic. I’ve seen it myself. Afterwards I said, wtf?

According to legend, since 876 the cathedral's site has housed a tunic that was said to have belonged to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Sancta Camisa. The relic had supposedly been given to the cathedral by Charlemagne who received it as a gift during a crusade in Jerusalem. In fact, the relic was a gift from Charles the Bald and it has been asserted that the fabric came from Syria and that it had been woven during the first century AD.

Why do people believe this? It’s all made up with no scientific proof to back up the claims. It might as well be voodoo. Yet people flock to view it and other relics.

I don’t think I’m cut out to be a Catholic.

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