Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Better late than never

JohnMartin Not really. Nope, it’s better to have the perpetrator face some kind of justice before he dies. At least that’s my opinion.  I wonder what Rev. John Martin’s victims think? Oh wait, they can’t find them.

Lansing Catholic Bishop Earl Boyea took a rare step today to publicly identify a long-dead Catholic priest, the Rev. John Martin, as having abused six teenage boys in a parish where Martin served before his death in 1968.

Boyea said he first learned about the allegations against Martin, who pastored St. Isidore in Laingsburg from 1941-1966, in June. Two men told stories about the abuse to the current pastor of St. Isidore, who relayed the information to Boyea.


The abuse happened so long ago that the men involved would be grandfathers. I can’t see the sliver lining here.

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