Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baptist love in Baltimore

You can read a story many ways. I honestly think my bias is showing today. I read a story about a Baptist church protesting a restaurant over a small perceived slight. The church returned to pay in pennies in an effort to establish some meaningful link to the civil rights era. Instead they came off like bullies. I detest bullies, especially when they hold a bible.

The short story. 10 women from Bethany Baptist Church of Baltimore ate a meal at the Double T Diner in Catonsville. The women were offended by another group of diners who used loud profanity. The women complained, the management was unable to resolve the situation. The women paid their bill but thought the restaurant should refund their money. The restaurant refused twice. In response, the church mobilized a protest, and with help for the local press, forced the restaurant manager to refund the money and buy a lot of free lunches.

The women apparently made a police report. I can just hear the cops now. We have a report of profanity at a restaurant. We better send SWATT.

What is the Christians principle at play here? How does this in any way hearken back to the civil rights movement? Was there some unspoken racial element at play here? And why is this news?

The people who perpetrated the offense, those retched profanity users, they were not held accountable. And how could they be? Using profanity is not crime. It’s just rude.

The target becomes the restaurant because they did not cave to demands for a free meal. Or worse, allegedly offered insults instead of cash. Again, what is the Christian principle at play here? Don’t mess with my gang or we will using economic blackmail to put you out of business?

What business does a church have acting like a gang? They responded like their members had been attacked when all that really happened was a small disagreement. What happened to diplomacy? Why not contact the owner and work out an amicable solution to your perceived hurt? What is the difference between Christians showing up to pay in pennies and a street gang hanging out in an effort to drive away customers.

Bully You did this to bully a shop owner. Shame on you. Shame on you all. Pastor Therm James had this to say:

"You take action, you get results," James said. "Really, this could have been avoided when we came the first time for $109 and a written apology."

It’s just my opinion here, but seriously, you do not deserve a free meal. Your members ate then paid for it. They had a bad experience with some other customers and took out their immature rage on a third party. A written apology? No.

How do you call yourself Christians and get the message so wrong. What happened to love, respect, turn the other cheek, and forgiveness? Oh screw all that, give me my money. And while you are at it, show your gang colors too. Thugs.

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