Sunday, July 18, 2010

What kind of a man molests a child?

BillVandergraph Pastor Bill Vandergraph is apparently that kind of man. He faced his first court appearance on charges he sexually assaulted a four-year-old girl.

Pastor Vandergraph has been the pastor at Full Gospel Pentecostal Church in Alto Pass for almost 50 years.

"Any time there are accusations of moral failures against anyone, it's shocking," Pastor Steve McKeown said. "When that individual is a member of the clergy, it's even more shocking."

Moral failures? Hell yes, but lets call it by its real name. Pastor Vandergraph is an alleged pedophile. There are degrees to hypocrisy. Molesting a four-year-old… you can’t just call it moral failure and get on about your day.

Way to go Pastor Vandergraph. I’m sure your family and church are proud. Look at what you pissed away. I wonder if they will let you build giant pointless crosses in prison? Wait. 72 and a pedophile in prison… that does not bode well. I would not plan any big projects.