Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rev. Patrick Umberger arrested

PatrickUmberger Patrick Umberger is a Catholic priest working at St. Patrick’s Parish in Onalaska, Wisconsin. Umberger is suspected of possessing child pornography and may have been stalking children.

A family and two Noah’s Ark Water Park employees reported seeing Umberger repeatedly follow boys into the bathroom near a children’s pool area, according to the Lake Delton police report.

Umberger was found standing next to a 10-year-old using a urinal, the report stated. Umberger denied intentionally following the boys and told an officer he had prostate problems and had to urinate often, according to the DOJ report.

And he’s a pedophile.

Umberger told a state agent Wednesday he is sexually attracted to boys and young men and searched the Internet for pictures of boys 12 to 15 years old, according to the complaint.

Of course, the faithful are shocked.

“Everyone I talked to that is a member there is shocked,” said a church member who asked not to be named. “I mean, he’s our priest.”

So, because he’s “our priest” that makes his somehow incapable of committing horrible crimes against children? Wake up sheeple.