Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pastor Charles Moore arrested

CharlesMoore Baptist pastor Charles Moore was arrested for aggravated criminal sexual abuse of and 8-year-old girl. Trust, once lost, is so almost impossible to regain.

The father, who is not being identified to protect the identity of the child, said he was devastated when he learned what happened to his daughter by a man who is a pastor, charged with saving souls and teaching wayward individuals what it takes to please the higher power.

Moore’s wife operates a kinder care from their home. I hope there are no other victims. Moore is the pastor at United Faith Baptist Church in East St. Louis.

Jebar2 offers this bit of wisdom in the comment thread.

…I was specifically speaking of all those individuals that claim to be clergy that are sexually abusing children. I was not speaking of the tens of thousands of clergy that are doing Gods will.

Jebar2 thinks that pastors who abuse children are not really Christians. They’re just faking it to get to the children.

Another poster, FatherDonaldWeeksOSB, gives credit to God for the mother’s clear headed reaction to her daughter’s showing signs of abuse.

But God in His Almighty Power is able to place thoughts in the minds of people. God put forth in the mother's mind the thought to ask the child if someone abused her.

This kind of theological mumbo-jumbo drives me nuts. If God can put thoughts in her head after the abuse, why not before? What kind of God lets a child be abused and then steps in to help clean up the mess?