Saturday, July 03, 2010

Pastor arrested for crimes against humanity

Jean_bosco Jean-Bosco Uwinkindi has finally been arrested. He stands accused of conspiracy to commit genocide and extermination for his efforts in Rwanda’s 1994 genocide. Uwinkindi was a Pentecostal pastor.

According to a copy of his indictment, Uwinkindi, 59, was a pastor at a church near Kigali during the genocide, and allegedly collaborated with an extremist political organisation that professed hatred for the Tutsi ethnic group.

In early April 1994, Uwinkindi is accused of helping to organise and instruct groups of Hutus to kill Tutsis, and after allowing Tutsi women and children to seek refuge in his church, he ordered their execution, according to the indictment.

First he murdered the Hutu men, and then he herded their wives and children into his church under the guise of safety, and then he slaughtered them. I don’t see how this fits in with the fundamental message of Christ. Are Pentecostals taught to kill thy neighbor?