Monday, July 05, 2010

Not so Faithful and True part II

The stories of alleged abuse keep coming from Linda and Shelly Hall. They ran the Faithful and True Ministries in Groveland. Shelly Hall has already been arrested once for stalking a woman staying at his ministries' homeless shelter. His wife Linda Hall was arrested for stalking the current director of Faithful and True Ministries, Vincent Noffleo. Now, new charges were filed against Linda Hall, this time for fraud. She allegedly stole money from 80-year-old shelter resident Tony Yanak.

Sheriff's officials say Hall continually told Yanak that she would kick him out of the shelter if he did not give her his bank card and PIN. Hall is accused of using Yanak's ATM card and the PIN to withdraw an undisclosed amount of cash from his bank account, sheriff's officials said.

Yanak, 80, suffers from multiple sclerosis and hypertension, the affidavit says. He receives $694 per month from Social Security and the U.S. Navy. All but a few dollars of that money would be gone each month, the affidavit says.

It appears Linda Hall is a bit of a racist too.

The charges also involved the Halls allegedly following Noffleo and yelling at him outside a store, saying, "Your days are numbered, you're going down, God will strike you dead, you white devil," according to the warrant.

The Halls are fast becoming the very definition of Christian Hypocrites. They need some jail time or perhaps even hard labor to straighten their lives out.

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