Saturday, July 31, 2010

Juanita’s Taco Shop in Encinitas

IMG_0044 Jaunita’s Taco Shop on Hwy 101 in Encinitas is one of those hole-in-the wall taco shops I’ve returned to over and over again since I first found it in the early 80s. Now on almost every trip to San Diego, I make a stop.

I visited on Thursday with a friend. We were in San Diego to speak at a technical conference. Once the stress of the day was over, we unwound with a drive up the coast to Juanita’s. There is nothing quite like a sunset drive up the San Diego coastline. Except for maybe a delicious carnitas burrito. Seriously, I’d rather have the burrito.

The best way to visit is to jump off the 5 freeway at the Leucadia Blvd exit and head toward the ocean. Turn left at Hwy 101. Jaunita’s will be on your right after about a mile. Bring cash.

Don’t be put off by the bland facade or the poor quality of the seating. As you can see from the the window above, the place was localized a long time ago. Order your tacos and sit on the benches alongside the road. You might have to share a table with a local, but don’t worry, they don’t bite. They eat.
Jaunita’s on Yelp.

Enjoy your foodgasm.