Monday, July 26, 2010

A foodgasm at Butterfly


I was up in the San Francisco area over the weekend visiting family. On Saturday we saw the Birth of Impressionism at the de Young Museum. I experienced parking hell that day. I will rant it in another post.

After the museum, we drove down to Pier 33 to try a restaurant called Butterfly. We arrived half an hour late for our 4:00 pm reservation because of the traffic. Our seating was in between lunch and dinner so the full dinner menu was not yet offered. We tried 6 different appetizers.

  • Duck Confit Spring Rolls ($9)
  • Fire Fried Calamari ($11)
  • Kalua Pig with Butter Lettuce cups ($11)
  • Wok Seared Shanghai Garlic Noodles ($9)
  • Hosin Glazed BBQ Baby Back Ribs ($16)
  • Caramelized Shrimp and Green Papaya Salad ($12)

They were a little pricy, but given the view and the location, I think they were priced well. We ate in joyous silence while watching the view of San Francisco Bay behind our table. The food was sublime. However, I had come to pass judgment on the Sizzling Angus Cowboy Steak ($39). It was billed as 22 ounces and  best when served medium rare. I was celebrating a long-awaited promotion. I wanted my steak. I had earned my steak. I ordered and was not disappointed.


The 22 oz monster was served perfectly medium rare and cut into strips, which surprised me. The steak hissed and steamed. The foie gras butter oozed and melted into every piece. The smell was corrupting. My table sat in stunned silence while I had visions of replacing Adam on Man vs Food. I was going to win.

The steak was tender and flavorful. I relished every bite. Near the end our server asked my opinion, I let out the coveted Homer Simpson gasp that signified a full on foodgasm. I was in heaven, but it got better.  The steak was resting on a bed of roasted chorizo sausage and charred tomatoes, a delicious meal in itself. I ate till I could take no more. Food won.

I did not try the desserts. I have no problem with meat, but sugar drives me crazy. My family tried the melting cake and loved it. The coffee flavored ice cream that accompanied it was delicious (I tried a taste).

Chef Robert Lam visited our table. He explained the elaborate presentation of the steak, almost apologizing for its complexity in a city with a tradition of premium unadorned steaks. I would have none of it. I gave him high praise. His food is amazing.