Saturday, July 17, 2010

Almost a hole-in-one

My buddy Al and I played a round of disc golf at La Mirada regional park today. I picked up a rare birdie on hole 9. It’s the only hole on the course where I have a chance for a hole-in-one. I’ve bounced off the hole once, and landed past the hole a couple of times. Today I was short of the hole by 40 feet but nailed the birdie putt. I did the happy dance.

Al had a chance at a hole-in-one on 17. He came close enough that it looked like a real possibility. I’m proud of him. He overcame the yips to nail his 10 foot birdie putt.

I posted a 60, Al posted a 64 (Scorecard). It was not my best round, but much better than my last round.

We played at 6:45 am. When we finished at 8:00 am, it was already too hot to play again. It’s been brutal here the last few days, and much too hot to play in the afternoons. I’ll play again tomorrow morning though.

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