Sunday, June 06, 2010

Pay no attention to the pedophile

When I learn of somebody consuming child porn, I feel ill. It is a crime I do not understand, nor would I have the strength to confront it if it were my job. Pedophiles are beyond the pale. When a pedophile priest or pastor is caught with child porn, that should be the end of their careers. In any trustworthy organization, this would be the case.

As we’ve learned lately, the Catholic church is not trustworthy. Case in point, the Catholic church treated a Danish priest convicted of downloading 38 movies involving sexual activities with minors as if it were a speeding ticket. They told nobody of his conviction and put him back to work with kids. There is not an acceptable excuse for this type of behavior.

What does it take to get a priest defrocked? We know it’s not child porn, nor is it child molestation, heck, repeated child rape is not enough to get you defrocked. I’m willing to bet that if a priest violated the Catholic church’s policy banning condom use, he would be out on his ass. Where are their priorities?