Sunday, June 06, 2010

Minuteman nutball Chris Simcox in trouble

SPLC has an interesting post up on Minuteman co-founder Chris Simcox. It seems he threatened to kill his wife and family last year.

The Phoenix New Times reports that Simcox was ordered to surrender his weapons.

A Maricopa County court commissioner granted the petition April 16, and ordered the 49 year-old Simcox to remain 200 yards away from Alena, their two children, and Alena's child from a previous relationship. The order prohibits Simcox from possessing, receiving, or purchasing firearms or ammunition. He was told to "surrender same" to the Scottsdale police within 24 hours of being served. 

What’s Simcox going to do for fun now? Who will he threaten and intimidate? A Minuteman without a gun is like a man without his penis.

I’ve met the guy. He’s on my serious nutball and haters watch lists.