Sunday, May 02, 2010

One brave voice can make a difference

In the fight against Catholic clergy sexual abuse, the victims are often heroes in a battle of good versus institutional evil. I would like to think that the Catholic church would step up, but we know they need prompting in form of public shaming before they do the right thing. That’s why one brave voice is important. Somebody must take the risk of becoming a social pariah. Somebody must speak up to protect others from abuse. Somebody must speak up for justice. Mark McAllister was the one brave voice to come forward in the child molestation case of Rev. Gerald Howard (a.ka. Carmen Sita). Now Rev. Howard is in jail facing numerous charges.. all thanks to Mark McAllister.

Cooper County Prosecutor Doug Abele said Howard has been indicted on eight different counts:

  • three counts of forcible sodomy
  • three counts of attempted forcible sodomy
  • two counts of kidnapping

Howard was believed to have committed these offenses between 1983 and 1988.

Rev. Howard has a prior conviction for sexual contact with a minor from 1983. The Catholic church protected him.

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