Thursday, May 27, 2010


Brian Magee wants a license plate that says ISNOGOD. North Dakota said no despite approving the Christian messages ILOVEGOD and PRAISEGOD. They claim the atheist themed message is potentially offensive. I agree that some would find ISNOGOD offensive. I think some atheists would also find ILOVEGOD offensive. Somebody is always offended. I know Christians who think my use of the term atheist is offensive. Is a perceived offense the sole criteria used for issuing a license plate? If so then ILOVEGOD would not make the cut, nor would ILOVE because the Fargo Gothic community would be offended. Somebody is always offended.

I don't care what appears on a license plate. Americans are free to plaster their cars with any message they choose. It's called a bumper sticker. Trust me on this, people love a lot of things other than God. They don't care if it offends.

The issue here is fairness. If an American Christian is free to express his or her love for God via a license plate, an American Atheist should be granted the freedom to proclaim his or her disbelief. It makes you wonder what religion Linda Butts professes.

Linda Butts/ND DOT: "We are trying our best to serve the citizens of ND and try to protect what would be offensive. This is new territory and we are trying to be fair to everyone."

Did we ask her to protect us?