Monday, May 03, 2010

Introducing Many hats one mask

Please join me in welcoming the newest member of the Atheist Blogroll, Many hats one mask

I'm a husband, a father, a small business owner, a homeowner, a pet owner, a neighbor, a voter, a volunteer, etc. In short, I wear many hats. However, given the current state of our society, I have to wear one mask. I cannot afford to publicly avow my lack of belief in one of the many supernatural worldviews that plague our planet. Throughout history majorities have marginalized minorities in part by making them appear one-dimensional in order to dehumanize them. Many of our Irrational opponents attempt to do that to us, by claiming that atheists have no morals, or that they shouldn't be considered citizens or patriots, and the like. Through my blog I'm trying to make this more difficult for them by writing on the many disparate topics I'm interested in, of course always with a non-theistic perspective. I believe in respect for all people, but not respect for all ideas. Foolish ideas need to be pointed out before they have a chance to negatively impact our society through the enactment of foolish laws.

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