Monday, May 31, 2010

Delayed justice for Pastor Hammonds

An unknown agitator is harassing poor old accused pedophile and Baptist pastor Carlton Farnsworth Hammonds. The abuse is so bad he can't face his June trial date for allegedly molesting two teen girls. His already delayed trial date of June 11 was moved to August 23. It's too bad really, I had June 11 marked off and was planning a trip to watch this bastard go down. I'll have to wait.

More victims have come forward, charges were filed for two girls but more alleged abuse victims have come forward. Aug 23 cannot come soon enough.

Here's the thumbnail overview on Hammonds. He's a convicted bank robber and drug abuser turned Baptist pastor. Now he's facing child molestation charges against two teens but investigators are concerned that molestations reach back over 20 years. California has the three strikes law, I hope he qualifies.

I learned through reading that Hammonds' wife runs a daycare center out of their home. What kind of nut puts their kids in the Hammond's home?