Monday, April 26, 2010

Introducing Henlee W. Blog

Please join me in welcoming our newest Atheist Blogroll member, Henlee W. Blog.

The Henlee W. Blog is an open invitation to honest and intellectual discussions about all relevant matter affecting our lives - and this no doubt includes religion. I'm particularly interested in why people have faith, and if they fully understand what their faith means and constitutes, and how these beliefs dictate their lives, and indeed the lives of all people. I seek to introduce topics, drawn from both current and general issues, discussing said topics, and hopefully discovering something about these topics - so that we may understand both sides of the argument better.

It is my opinion that to discuss issues even as personal, deep, and controversial as religion requires no animosity, ridicule, or abrasion. That is not to say we should not continue challenging not just religion, but bad ideas everywhere. We can do so by simply asking critical questions - as we are apt to do when something doesn't make sense. And if someone should say you can't inquire or ask questions to further understand a particular subject (especially about faith and religion), ask why.

Many more questions at my blog. Jump in on the discussions. I've also set up a section where you can tell the world how you were once religious or believed in God, and now don't. Please share your Unbelievable  story.

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