Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Integrity is all about what you do

The outstanding atheist blog No 2 Religion has an interesting post up which highlights my problem with Christian pastors who live by a personal code that lacks anything like integrity. Let’s examine the facts. The subject is Dean Smith, San Miguel’s superintendent of schools.  deansmith

  • Smith is a former Baptist pastor turned school administrator.
  • Smith left his wife of 30 years for an 18-year-old former student.
  • Smith used his position as an administrator to gain access to a child. He exploited his access to develop a romantic relationship.
  • Smith mentored the girl in the seventh grade and continued a relationship with her until she graduated.
  • Smith denied being romantically involved with the girl despite having an affair with her.
  • Smith touched, kissed and drank alcohol with the girl before she turned 18.
  • Smith exchanged intimate emails and text messages with the girl before she turned 18.
  • Smith knew of the girl’s alleged sexual abuse. No mention is made if he reported the abuse under California’s mandatory reporter law.
  • Smith had a collection of nude and partially nude photos of young models on his work computer. The photos include clips of a partially nude 12-year-old Brooke Shields in the film “Pretty Baby.” (see a safe clip here)
  • Smith was frequently absent from his job duties while spending time with his 18-year-old girlfriend.
  • The investigation into Smith was managed by a police officer who had a personal relationship with Smith.

What if anything do the actions of this man have to do with the moral teaching of Jesus? Where does it say you can use your position of authority over a child to satisfy your libido while engaging in a hedonistic male midlife fantasy? Smith may not have technically broken the law, but he violated the spirit of the law just the same, not to mention sprit of his Christian faith. What a stain. What a poor example of man. What a hypocrite.  Go ahead, defend him. I dare you.